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Our Team

Dealing with companies that doesn't care is very real, Lucky for you, we have the best team around ready just for you

Our Vision

Signage runs thruough our veins, giving you nothing but the best experience from concept to installation

Our Response

"Your call is important to us..." yes its mundane and boring, we like to make sure you feel important by making time just for you

Our Turnaround

we understand you get busy, its why we just get on down to save you the stress

Recent Work

Lets take a journey through time and see what we've done

Our Service

We love pushing the limits to creativity, its what makes us stand out

Outdoor Signage

Be is small or large we've got that picture perfect moment to watch your brand grow


Make a statement and stand out from the rest

Exhibition Stands

Nothing says more about your brand than our state of the art exhibitions

Vehicle Branding

Our most popular on the go marketing solution thats perfect for your business

Large Format

With our high quality large format, you can look good anywhere

Flatbed Printing

Easy simple solution to get your brand on any material

Imajez in perspective

  • Who we are
  • Fun.Work.Play

We're the odd ones out, those who got bullied in school for being slightly different, now we stand abov all with quality, out-of-the-box thinking ready to make your vision a dream come true.

Join us for coffee, our teams loves coffee, and lets take a look at how we can make you look better than ever!


Not bad for the square pegs in round holes right?

Take it from...them

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